Basic Layer Configuration

The Config section of the Layer file, denoted by the <config> tag, is required in all cases, as it describes the basic type of the visualization that should be rendered. The Config section can have all attributes located in a single Layer file or have different config attributes specified in separate layers that are combined at render time to create a complete config.

FAQ: Why do layer files have a mix of JSON and XML-style tags in the same file? That’s a bit weird.
Yes, it is a little odd. We chose to use XML-style tags as section dividers because we had the unique challenge of needing to allow SQL and JSON in the same file without requiring escaping characters.

Example Layer Config


    "depends_on" : [ "single-value-template" ],
    "filters" : {
        "input" : 
                    "name" : "start_date",
                    "urlparam" : "start_date"
                    "name" : "end_date",
                    "urlparam" : "end_date"


    "type": "single-value"

In the above example, the final config is the combination mylayer.wld and single-value-template.wld because one depends on the other. White Label Data will combine all the attributes between the two layers such that type will be an attribute alongside filters.

Config Options

Option Description
type The type of visualization:
depends_on A list of other of layers that should be included prior to this layer. One layer can depend on another layer that depends on another layer.
filters A dictionary of input and output page filters for the visualization. See Page Filter Basics