What is White Label Data?

White Label Data is a platform for non-developers and developers alike to rapidly create custom, branded data applications using a low-code approach. Created by Hashpath, LLC, White Label Data puts some of the top technologies for creating modern data applications at your fingertips including Pandas, Plotly.js, Mapbox GL JS, Vue.js and more – all without writing any Javascript or Python code.

Add your own visualizations using templates. Create your own custom HTML visualizations. Embed an iFrame from a data platform. With connectors to many of the top data platforms, databases, and warehouses such as Looker, Chartio, Periscope, Snowflake, and BigQuery, White Label Data allows you to get started quickly and iterate from there.

Basic Features:

Feature Description
Emded Your Dashboards Seamlessly embed a dashboard from Looker, Chartio, Periscope, Metabase, or Kibana using an iFrame. White Label Data generates and signs the iFrame URLs automatically. Embed inside tabs and cards for a more modern look.
Create Native Visualizations Generate stunning charts and maps directly in White Label Data. Query your database or data warehouse using an API connector with support for Looker, Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, and Elasticsearch. Use configuration files to connect your data to various chart types and map types from Plotly and Mapbox.
Authenticate Users White Label Data integrates with Auth0 to provide robust user authentication and authorization.
Use Your Brand and URL Choose your logo, icons, colors, and fonts to match your brand. Use your own domain name by pointing DNS at White Label Data.
Configure Navigation Add pages through a configuration file and they automatically appear in the navigation menu.
Create Personas Store attributes in a user’s profiles to control the set of pages they can see. Inject user attributes in templated SQL queries to segment users, clients, or partners.
Filter Pages Add interactive filters such as dropdowns, datepickers and more to to update native visualizations and iFrames on your pages.
Use Data Pipelines and Layers Configure your visualizations to perform any number of queries and transformations to form the data table behind the visualization. Build up your visualizations in layers in order to reuse configuration between visualizations. Create a standard template for a given chart type (i.e. a bar chart) and add in the specifics (i.e. the specific data) in another layer.
Drilldown Between Pages Add links to charts and tables to navigate to other pages within the application. Create a true application experience by allowing users to drill down on charts for more details.
Invite Users Share your data application with new users. White Label Data has a built-in flow for inviting users to your application. They receive an email link to login and choose a password.
Automatic, Free SSL Cerficates White Label data integrates with Let’s Encrypt to provide free SSL certs that auto-renew.

Other Features:

Feature Description
Built-in Layout Widgets White Label Data provides simple tags for rows, cards, and tabs on a grid so you can layout data applications simply and professionally.
Shared Page Queries For those times where multiple visualizations use the same database query, hit the database once and create multiple charts on the same page from a single query.
SQL Transformations Transform data from your database on the fly using SQL syntax underneath the visualization.
Page Caching Decide how many hours you want the page to cache data and it won’t hit the database again until then unless the queries changes.
Custom Visualizations Create your own custom visualizations in HTML using Vue template syntax. No Javascript necessary. Using only HTML markup, you can connect your data to HTML elements in a reactive way.
Advanced Customization For users with software development experience, White Label Data can be fully extended to acquire data from any API endpoint, transform data using Python code, or create advanced custom visualizations using Javascript.
Docker Support For advanced development, White Label Data can be run on your local machine. It is fully dockerized and can be set up with a simple Docker Compose file.
Advanced Looker Features White Label Data makes use of many advanced Looker features including Looker themes, Looker Embedded Javascript events, and the ability to seamlessly embed both Looks and Dashboards without a header and footer.


White Label Data is typically provided as a service by Hashpath, LLC running in our cloud infrastructure. White Label Data also supports a self-hosted option where you can stand up White Label Data using our private DockerHub images on your own infrastructure. Contact hello@hashpath.com to get started.