Skills You Don't Need

We believe most people can pick up some basic HTML and JSON skills to create beautiful data applications all by themselves. Believe in yourself. You can do it. Here is what you don’t need to know to be able to implement your own data application with White Label Data.

No coding necessary

We know you’re not a software developer. White Label Data is a platform for people who want to develop a data application without being (or hiring) software developers to write Javascript, Ruby, Python, or Java. You don’t need to worry about hooking your code into an authentication framework, building out navigation logic, or rendering pages. That is all built-in.

No need to understand data visualization frameworks

There are lots of libraries out there for rendering beautiful visualizations, but each comes with a steep learning curve. White Label Data has integrations with Plotly.js, Mapbox GL JS, and more to give you the power without the headaches.

No UI/UX design experience needed

Making applications look nice is an art. Typically this requires a team of UI designers and UI engineers. White Label Data’s layouts look good out-of-the-box and use a modern, sleek design. Feel free to use as-is or customize the CSS as you wish.