What is White Label Data? Learn about this new platform and how to get started.

What is White Label Data?

White Label Data is a platform for non-developers and developers alike to rapidly create custom, branded data applications using a low-code approach. Created by Hashpath, LLC, White Label Data puts some of the top technologies for creating modern data applications at your fingertips including Pandas, Plotly.

Skills You Need

White Label Data is a low-code platform that takes care of a lot of the hard stuff, but you still have some work to do. Here are the basic skills you need to have to create your data application using White Label Data.

Skills You Don't Need

We believe most people can pick up some basic HTML and JSON skills to create beautiful data applications all by themselves. Believe in yourself. You can do it. Here is what you don’t need to know to be able to implement your own data application with White Label Data.

Getting Started

Get your service provisioned Typically, your White Label Data application instance is hosted by Hashpath on our cloud infrastructure. Hashpath will provision and configure your application, create your GitHub repository, and set up authentication with Auth0 on your behalf.

Directory Structure

Each White Label Data instance has a set of directories and files, stored in your GitHub repository, that provide the content and configuration for the application. These files contain a mix of HTML, JSON, and SQL.