Add Visualizations Using Tags

Adding visualizations to your page is easy. Each visualization that you create using Layers becomes an HTML tag. The name of the tag is the name of the Layer file, ending in .wld.

If your top-level Layer file is called bar_bystate.wld, you can use the tag <bar_bystate/> anywhere in your HTML files in /pages. You can use the self-closing tag notation <mytag/> rather than <mytag></mytag>.

What is a top-level layer?
A top-level layer is a layer that has no other layers depending on it using the depends_on option in the Config section. A top-level layer can depend on other layers, but not vice versa. In other words, it’s the layer at the top of the dependency stack.

Adding Other HTML With Visualization Tags

You can use any standard HTML around your visualization tags to layout the page and achieve the desired experience:


Using the Layout Built-ins With Visualization Tags

Because many data applications include visualizations on “cards” or “tabs”, White Label Data provides built-in tags for easily laying out your page and including your visualizations on a profressional looking grid with tiles. See more information here.