Add an HTML page

When a user a clicks on a navigation item in the menu, an HTML page is loaded. To add new items to the navigation, see Add a Page to the Navigation Menu. In the navigation menu config, you specified the name of an HTML file. Those files must be created and placed in the /pages folder within your Git repository.

Example HTML file:

  <card height=100 cols=4><sv_total/></card>
  <card height=100 cols=4><sv_lastyear/></card>
  <card height=100 cols=4><svc_tenyears/></card>

  <card title="Latest Report" height=300 cols=6><custom_mostrecent/></card>
  <card title="Last Seen" height=300 cols=6><map_lastseen/></card>

  <card height=620 cols=12>

An HTML file in White Label Data can contain three types of tags:

Tag Type Description
Standard HTML Tags You can use any HTML tags you like, such as <div> and <span>
White Label Data Visualizations You can include a tag that matches the name of the visualization using the name of the top layer. For example, if you had a .wld file called mybarchart.wld, you could include the self-closing tag <mybarchart/>. See Add Visualizations Using Tags.
Layout Built-ins White Label Data provides convenient tags for creating professional data application layouts. These include <row>, <card>,<tabset>, and <tabcontent>. See Use Layout Built-ins.