Composing HTML Pages

Add your iFrame embeds and native visualziations using custom HTML tags to compose your page layout.

Add an HTML page

When a user a clicks on a navigation item in the menu, an HTML page is loaded. To add new items to the navigation, see Add a Page to the Navigation Menu.

Add Visualizations Using Tags

Adding visualizations to your page is easy. Each visualization that you create using Layers becomes an HTML tag. The name of the tag is the name of the Layer file, ending in .

Use Layout Built-ins

White Label Data allows you to layout a page quickly using a modern data application design, without the need to hire a UI designer. There are built-in HTML tags that let you layout your visualizations on a page and organize them in a way that makes sense for your application.

Drilldown Navigation

Understanding URLs in White Label Data Each page in the White Label Data navigation is assigned a URL, specified in part using the page_name attribute in appconfig.json. See Adding a Page to the Navigation Menu.