Embed a Kibana iFrame

Embedding a Kibana iFrame in your HTML page requires creating a layer with the embed configuration and adding the visualization tag for that layer to your HTML file.

Create an Embed Layer for Kibana

Create a layer file in /layers. For example, create kibanaembed1.wld with the following contents:

    "type" : "kibana-embed",
    "embed_settings" : {
        "dashboard_id" : "7adfa750-4c81-11e8-b3d7-01146121b73d" 
Option Example Descripton
dashboard_id "7adfa750-4c81-11e8-b3d7-01146121b73d" The ID of the Kibana dashboard you want to embed.

Add the Tag to Your HTML Page

Edit one of your HTML pages in /pages and add the following tag within that file: