Create a Periscope Connection

White Label Data allows you to embed a Periscope iFrame inside your application. White Label Data makes use of the Persicope Embed API, which is an add-on feature from Periscope. You can find your Embed API Key by following the instructions on this page.

Example appconfig.json:

 "connections" : [
            "type" : "periscope",
            "env_var" : "PERISCOPE_SECRET"
Option Example Description
lookup_key "periscope-acme" Name of the key associated with the secure credentials. Required only when the White Label Data app is hosted by Hashpath.
env_var "PERISCOPE_SECRET" Name of environment variable that will hold the Periscope API Key. You can find your Periscope API Key by going to Billing & Authentication in your Account Settings.

Note: You must also add this environment variable to your environment settings for your instance. See “Adding connection environment variables to your local development environment” here.