Create a Looker Embed Connection

White Label Data allows you to embed a Looker iFrame inside your application. In order to embed Looker iFrames, you must set up a connection to Looker in White Label Data. To configure your Looker instance to allow embedding and create your embed secret, follow these instructions. After Looker is configured, you can specify the connection settings in White Label Data.

Example appconfig.json:

 "connections" : [
            "type" : "looker_embed",
            "host" : "",
            "env_var" : "LOOKER_SECRET"
Option Example Description
host “” DNS name of your Looker instance.
env_var “LOOKER_SECRET” Name of environment variable that will hold the Looker embed secret. You can find your Looker embed secret from the Embed section of Looker Admin.

Note: You must also add this environment variable to your environment settings for your instance. See “Adding connection environment variables to your local development environment” here.

Configuring the Looker Embedded Domain Whitelist

Looker sends helpful Javascript events to White Label Data to automatically resize iFrames and notify about other changes within the iFrame. You must add your DNS name to the allowed list of domains in the Looker Embed admin section. It is also recommended that you add http://localhost:2525 to the whitelist for use with development.