Create a Kibana Connection

White Label Data allows you to embed a Kibana iFrame inside your application. To do so, you must configure Kibana and Elasticsearch to use JSON Web Token. You can find instructions for how to do this with the Open Distro for Elasticsearch here.

Example appconfig.json:

 "connections" : [
            "type" : "kibana",
            "env_var" : "KIBANA_SECRET"
Option Example Description
host “” DNS name of your Kibana server
env_var "KIBANA_SECRET" Name of environment variable that will hold the Kibana Secret. The secret is a JSON Web Token (JWT). When using Kibana, you will need the x-pack or with Open Distro Elasticsearch you need to configure using the security configuration.

Note: You must also add this environment variable to your environment settings for your instance. See “Adding connection environment variables to your local development environment” here.