White Label Data Documentation


What is White Label Data? Learn about this new platform and how to get started.

Configuring Your Application

Configure the global application settings, branding, and navigation menus.

Users and Personas

Invite users to the app. Create personas to control application behaviors and filter queries.

Understanding Layers

Create your visualizations in layers to share configuration and queries across visualizations.

Composing HTML Pages

Add your iFrame embeds and native visualziations using custom HTML tags to compose your page layout.

Adding Page Filters

Use page-level filter widgets allow users to filter visualization results.

Embedding iFrames

Embed iFrames from Looker, Chartio, Periscope, Kibana, or Metabase into your pages. White Label Data does the heavy lifting by generating user-specific, signed URLs.

Creating Native Visualizations

Create stunning charts, tables, and maps using native visualizations and the White Label Data’s pipeline.

Advanced Features

Understand White Label Data’s advanced features such as custom visualizations and Python scripting extensions